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A top-down space shooter where everything is destructible. You can blast your enemies to pieces and collect their parts to build your own ship.

(this began as a simple project for #procjam 2017 but I soon realized I liked the idea too much to cut corners and rush something out in time for the jam deadline.  Instead I've released a tech demo showing the current state of the enemy ship generation and destruction mechanics. 

The plan is to continue working on the game and release a full version some time in the future.)


Infinite Debris (Tech Demo).zip 14 MB

Development log


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1.hola amigo tus juegos son muy buenos y con ideas innovadoras que le falta pues mas trabajo osea aun están muy verdes pero veo que eso es causa de tu falta de tiempo 

por ejemplo te doy una idea contacta con desarrolladores de juegos que encuentres por aquí en itch y pídeles ayuda  que te ayuden a desarrollar los juegos eres mi ídolo por favor no me ignores soy de Colombia

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Hola lefis23! Thank you for your comments, it's always nice to hear some positive feedback. I appreciate your advice to seek help from other developers but at the moment my games are just personal projects; It's just something I do in my spare time for fun. 


Pretty neat, will keep an eye on this.